Calendar of Events

Directions to our monthly meeting location in Balboa Park, Casa del Prado, Room 101: The Casa del Prado building is immediately north of the Natural History Museum. Entrances to the Casa del Prado lead to an inner court. The rooms are accessible from the court. Room 101 is downstairs on the South end of the court, on the left as you enter the area.

**Please note that the January & February meetings are held on the 4th Monday of these  months because of the holidays. All other meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of the month. No meetings are held in July & August, but there are other rose events often scheduled during that time!

Upcoming Events

It’s time for our June meeting on Monday the 19th! Our own SDRS Rose Show, as well as the ARS Combined Mini National/PSWD/Pacific Rose Society Rose Show and Convention, have come and gone. Because of the weather this spring, we ended up breaking all know records on the amount of blooms entered into our show. If you weren’t able to make it to the show, please visit the Rose Albums section to view all the many trophy winners for the 2017 show as well as other shows. It was also time for garden tours, which many enjoyed and became inspired to do more Roses!

Monday – June 19th General MeetingGuest speaker will be Nan Sturman, Horticultural Personality you will recognize from PBS! “A Growing Passion” is an award-winning TV and online garden lifestyle program featuring one of the West’s leading garden experts, Nan Sterman. The show explores the ways California and the Southwest grow, and gives its viewers a fresh perspective by visiting farms, backyard gardens, vineyards, native habitats to green rooftops, community gardens, nurseries, and beyond!! Our program will start at 7:30pm. Prior to that, we will be taking entries for the last Little Rose Show of Spring 2017! Bring in your cut flowers and if you are new to exhibiting, there will be experienced members there to help you make your entries! See entry information below…


Chairpersons: Bill and Elaine Ornelas

General Information:

  • There will be five “six-pack” shows at the SDRS meetings in April, May, June, September, and October.
  • Exhibitors do not need to be experienced in showing roses. Novices are encouraged! Experienced exhibitors will be on-site to assist in the staging (preparing) of rose blooms for the show.
  • Each person bringing one or more flowers will receive a free raffle ticket.

Rules of entry for all SIX-PACK show:

  • All roses must be properly named and entered in the appropriate section.
  • Containers for exhibits will be supplied by the San Diego Rose Society.
  • Each exhibitor is limited to six entries. You may concentrate your entries in one section or distribute them over all the sections you are eligible to enter.
  • Entry tags will be supplied and only the top section of each tag needs to be filled out and attached to the flowers vases.
  • Sections 5 and 6 are restricted to novices (anyone who has never won a trophy in any rose competition). However, novices are not restricted to the novice sections and may enter any section.
  • Exhibitors are asked to remove all exhibits at the end of the meeting.


Judging will be in accordance with the ARS (American Rose Society) guidelines. The first-place winners of each section will be judged against each other to determine the Rose of the Night, and that entry will be displayed at the front of the meeting room.


  • Section 1: One hybrid tea or grandiflora bloom without sidebuds
  • Section 2: One floribunda spray
  • Section 3: One miniature or miniflora bloom without sidebuds
  • Section 4: One miniature or miniflora spray
  • Section 5: NOVICE ONLY – One hybrid tea or grandiflora bloom without sidebuds
  • Section 6: NOVICE ONLY – One miniature or minflora bloom without sidebuds
  • Section 7: One bloom or spray, any other type
  • Section 8: (NEW) Most fragrant bloom
  • Section 9: (NEW) “Just for Fun!” (This section is not judged, but blooms are submitted for viewer enjoyment.)


Rose arrangements will be entered in conjunction with the Little Rose Show. Roses of any type should dominate in all arrangements. No more than two arrangements per household per show are permitted and the roses must be grown by the exhibitors. The use of dried or artificial material is permitted. There are no restrictions on height or width.


The Rose of the Night will be awarded an additional 3 points and will also receive a special award. At the end of the year, trophies will be awarded at the holiday banquet to the highest-scoring novice exhibitor and to the overall highest-scoring exhibitor. The Runion Trophy will be awarded at the holiday banquet to the highest-scoring arranger.