San Diego Rose Society

Established 1927

An Affiliate of the American Rose Society

About Us

Welcome to the San Diego Rose Society!

Our Mission

The San Diego Rose Society serves the needs of San Diego County rose growers through its monthly publication “Rose Ramblings,” membership meetings, an annual rose show, support of the Inez Grant Parker Memorial Rose Garden in San Diego’s Balboa Park, and through this Web site. We are affiliated with the American Rose Society, Inc. which may be contacted at P.O. Box 30000, Shreveport, LA 71130-0030 or at

Our Meetings

Monthly meetings of the San Diego Rose Society are held on the fourth Mondays of January and February, and the third Monday of each other month, at 7:30 p.m. in room 101 of the Casa del Prado in Balboa Park. We do not meet in July and August, unlesss otherwise announced in Rose Ramblings or the Sunday Homescape Datebook of the San Diego Union-Tribune. Meetings are open to the public and guests are always welcome.

How to Become a Member

Membership dues start at $15 per calendar year per person or household. Every member receives our full color electronic newsletter, Rose Ramblings. For a membership application, go to the linkWhy Join SDRS?” and print the form. Send a check for the membership level you want, along with the completed form, to the address indicated on the form or bring it with you to the next meeting!

Contacting a Consulting Rosarian Volunteer – Click on link below to see volunteers in your area!

SDRS Consulting Rosarians

2017 Officers

President: Dona Martin (
First VP (Programs): Ken Huff (
Second VP (Membership): Christine Allan (
Treasurer: Kirk Rummel (
Corresponding Secretary: Zella Burk (
Recording Secretary: Sue Streeper (
Past President Gary Bulman (
Members at Large: Mark and Robin Breeding (
Steve Berry (
Cathy Hunyer
Inez Parker Grant Memorial Rose Garden Trust:

(term remaining of 5 year term)

Five years, Sue Streeper
Four years, Pamela Cawthron
One years, Bob Kolb
Two years, Terry Harris
Three years, Paula Taylor


Bronze Medal Recipients

The American Rose Society Bronze Medal for Outstanding Service is awarded annually to a member of the San Diego Rose Society who has demonstrated outstanding and meritorious service at the local society level.

2015  Elaine & Bill Ornelas

1993 Miriam Yoder 2005 Steve Berry
1994 Jean Kenneally 2006 Roger English
1995 Dallas Runion 2007 Julie Nydam
1996 Carolyn Buman 2008 Ruth Tiffany
1997 Sue Streeper 2009 Gary Bulman.
1998 Dick Streeper 2010 Linda Clark
1999 Phil Ash 2011 Bob Kolb
2000 Carl and Bobbie Mahanay 2012 Jim Price & Joan Sieber
2001 Frank and Lila Hastings 2013 Robert B. Martin Jr.
2002 John Farleigh 2014 Al & Lana Heck
2003 Jack and Bonnie Shoultz 2015 Elaine & Bill Ornelas
2004 Dixie Dahl

Rosebud Award Recipients

The Rosebud Award is an honor bestowed upon newer members of the San Diego Rose Society for their outstanding contributions to the Society.

1994 Jack and Bonnie Shoultz 2004 Julie Nydam
1995 Candice Shine 2005 Linda Clark
1996 Stephen Kepics 2006 Linda Hitney
1997 Michelle Montero 2007 Virginia West
1998 Sheila Askin 2008 Bob Kolb
1999 Doug Kalal 2009 Barbara Lester, Mona Oge and Dona Martin
2000 Jenny McVeay 2010 Marilyn Cooper-Ongley
2001 Jeanie Anderson 2011 Sharon McColgan
2001 Steve Berry 2012 Elaine Ornelas
2002 Bea Ericksen 2013 Christine & Rand Allan
2003 Al and Lana Heck 2014 Ken Huff

San Diego Rose Society Presidents

Forrest L. Hieatt, Founder

Forrest L. Hieatt* 1927-29 Harry Cutler* 1973
Silas Osborn* 1930 Marge Sears* 1974
Walter Merrill* 1931 John G. Farleigh* 1975
Forrest L. Hieatt* 1932 Richard Bechtel 1976
Dr. Charles Randall Knox* 1948 Marianne Truby* 1977
Jean Kenneally* 1949 Robert Linck 1978-79
E. O. Adams* 1950 Esther Barksdale* 1980
Raymond Fritz* 1951 Sue Streeper 1981
J. Wells Hershey* 1952 Buddy Faber* 1982-83
Hon. Byron Lindsley * 1953 Beth Bristol 1984
Clive Pillsbury* 1954 Henry McCarty 1985
Joseph J. Kenneally* 1955 Patty Howell 1986
Mabel Pillsbury* 1956 Coe Applegate* 1987
James A. Kirk * 1957-58 Rita Applegate* 1988
E. A. O’Bleness* 1959 Miriam Yoder 1989
Charles Lewis* 1960 Dallas Runion* 1990-91
Jean Kenneally* 1961 Pat Keating 1992-93
John G. Farleigh* 1962 Frank Grasso* 1994
Edwin Gould* 1963 Hal Schalles 1995
Dr. Donald Wilson* 1964 Phil Ash* 1996-98
Carl Truby* 1965 Stephen Kepics 1999
Carolyn Buman 1966 Laura Berend & Steve Marvin 2000
Harry B. Cutler* 1967 Laura Berend 2001
Bertha Benson* 1968 Sue Streeper 2002
Richard Streeper* 1969 Steve Berry 2003-04
Otto Barksdale* 1970 Ruth Tiffany 2005-07
Mary Cutler* 1971 Roger English* 2008-09
Esther Barksdale* 1972 Bob Martin 2010-11
Sue Streeper 2012
Bob Kolb 2013-14
Gary Bulman 2015-16

Rose Ramblings has won the 2011 Amerian Rose Society Honorable Mention Medal Award – Class B. Congratulations to Editor Dona Martin.

Rose Ramblings, the newsletter of the San Diego Rose Society, has won the 2007 American Rose Society Honorable Mention Medal Award – Class B. Congratulations to Editor Dr. Manuel Belandres.

Rules and Bylaws: You may download a copy of the SDRS Rules and the SDRS Bylaws. To read these documents, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download a free copy of Reader, click here.

Tax Classification: The San Diego Rose Society is classified as a charitable corporation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and section 23701(d) of the California Revenue & Taxation Code.

Restrictions on Use of Content: Material contained in the Rose Ramblings newsletter or on this Web site, may be reproduced only by non-profit publications with credit to Rose Ramblings, the author, and the editor.